The Lilias Graham Trust MissionThe Lilias Graham Trust’s mission is to protect vulnerable children and provide parents with the skills they need to give their children better futures.

We do this by offering services that will build parent’s and children’s capacity to overcome stress and alienation arising from poverty and social exclusion.

 We aim to:

  • provide a service that strengthens child/parent relationships
  • assist in the design and implementation of individual support agreements for families
  • provide families with parenting skills to enable them to look after their children
  • assess, assist and help families in collaboration with social work departments and other relevant agencies
  • assist families to develop personal and social skills which enable them to live independently.

We believe in:

  • paying full respect to people’s individuality, integrity, humanity and right to privacy
  • achieving high standards of effective professional practice
  • being adaptable and innovative in response to need
  • working in partnership with individuals or organisations operating in the same field who share the same values
  • promoting opportunities, building stronger communities, promoting and battling the barriers of social inclusion.