The Lilias Graham Trust

  • The Lilias Graham Trust takes referrals from Local Authorities and Social Work Departments. This is a Scotland wide service.


  • In the first instance please phone Cath Morrison, Chief Executive of The Lilias Graham Trust,  on 01786 850259 or 07717410116 for an informal chat regarding the client you wish to refer.



  • If you are unsure about referring a client to a residential facility or need more information, please call The Lilias Graham Trust on 01786 850 259 and request a copy of the document “Benefits of a Residential Assessment”.


  • There is a waiting list for placements. There is no fee for reserving a placement, however, once you have reserved a place it is important to keep The Lilias Graham Trust informed of any updates or changes.


  • The Lilias Graham Trust usually recommends an 8-12 week assessment.


  • Whilst clients are on placements, The Lilias Graham Trust asks for you to attend weekly review meetings.


  • Funding for placements must be sourced through your Team Leader.


  • Assessment Reports are written by Shaun Moran – The Lilias Graham Trust’s Child Care Consultant. These assessments are based on observations of the client and are usually provided to you 3-4 weeks at the point of discharge.


  • After the placement has ended, The Lilias Graham Trust provides a further six-month Outreach Service that sustains what the family has learned whilst on residential placement.


Click here to download and read our Benefits of a Residential Assessment report