For families who are coming to stay at The Lilias Graham Trust, it’s normal to feel unsure about what to expect. To help you decide if it’s the right choice for your family, take a look at some of the videos from families that have stayed with us in the past:





Mark & Katie:


A note for families coming to stay at The Lilias Graham Trust, from CEO Cath Morrison


We at The Lilias Graham Trust would like to welcome you to look at our facility before you come to stay with us –  this way you know who we are, what we look like and what to expect when you come here for an assessment.

Some of the parents who have stayed here in the past told me they thought they were coming to a prison or that there would feel like “Big Brother”.  You will be pleased to read that The Lilias Graham Trust is nothing like this, and we are most definitely not a prison!

We are an assessment unit – a place where you can be with your child/children, where you can play safely with them, where you can bond and love your child/children in abundance.  All we ask is that we can be part of your life whilst you are here and that you allow us to provide you with advice and support in the hope that it assists you in being the best parent you can be.

We share our opinions with both you and with your social worker – and you will see everything we report or write concerning you and your children/child whilst you are here.   We have what we call “Review Meetings” every week, whereby you have the opportunity to tell your social worker how you feel, and how you think your placement is going.

When you first come to The Lilias Graham Trust, we have an “Assessment Planning” meeting. This helps everyone involved to decide what kind of goals you will meet whilst you are here and these “Review Meetings” will help to determine how you have met these goals.

Everything we do is about you and your children/child, and how you feel about them.  We use a programme called “Five to Thrive” which is based on the five key ingredients to help a baby’s development and brain to grow. These are; Talk, Play, Relax, Cuddle, Respond, and the staff at The Lilias Graham trust will you to understand more about this programme as your placement continues.

We ask that, when you come to stay with us, you bring clothes for yourself and your children/child, as well as any other essentials you may already have, such as sterilisers and moses baskets etc. We will arrange to collect you and bring you to The Lilias Graham Trust and move your belongings here for you.  We also provide a weekly food allowance and will transport you to whichever local supermarket you would like to shop at.

As we are based in the countryside, we encourage the families that stay with us to make the most of our lovely surroundings and take in some nice walks with your baby or children in the fresh air. There are lots of animals, such as cows, sheep and crows, so some of the noises may be very different to what you are used to!

All of the staff at The Lilias Graham Trust are very friendly and approachable so we encourage you to come and talk to us if there is anything we can do to help or if there is anything you are not happy with.

We hope that this small description helps you to understand more about what to expect during your stay but if you would like to know anything else, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01786 850 259.

Cath Morrison – Chief Executive