Donate to The Lilias Graham TrustDo you want to make a difference to the lives of children in Scotland? Do you want to help parents provide the best early years development for their babies? Do you want to help families stay together? So do we…

The Lilias Graham Trust provides residential placements to families where children are at risk of being accommodated or there is a need for parenting capacity assessment. Our aim is to strengthen families, and at all times, provide the best outcome for the child or children involved. Donations from the public help us to keep helping these children and families.

We understand that the public, now more than ever, want to see where their charitable donations go and exactly how their money makes a difference. If you donate to The Lilias Graham Trust, your money will be used to support families in a variety of ways.

When families come to us on placement, they often arrive with very little. We provide them with clothing, baby supplies, equipment and toiletries, as well as providing them with a weekly budgeted food allowance for the length of their placement.
As well as this, we have to cover a range of overheads that enable us to support families throughout the length of their placements. These include:

  • Staffing – trained and knowledgeable staff who support families 24 hours a day
  • Accommodation – maintenance, repairs and replacement of furniture and goods
  • Heating, electricity and gas

Every donation we receive directly helps the families and children that are referred to us. If you want to find out more or would like further information about donating, please call 01786 850 259

There are lots of different ways you can donate:


One of the easiest ways to donate to The Lilias Graham Trust is online via our JustGiving page.  Here you will find the option to make a one-off donation or set up a monthly payment. You can also see who is fundraising for us and what events are taking place. All you need to make a donation is a JustGiving account and a credit or debit card.


If you would like to make a donation by cheque, please make it payable to The Lilias Graham Trust and send to: The Lilias Graham Trust, Braendam House, Thornhill, Stirling, FK8 3QH.

Bank Transfer

If you would like to make a donation directly from your bank account, please call 01786 850 259. We can then provide you with our account details, which will allow you to make a payment.

Standing Order

Regular payments, whether they are weekly, monthly or annually, can be set up using a Standing Order. Please phone our office on 01786 850 259 to talk to us about setting up a Standing Order


Unfortunately, we do not currently have donation tins but if you would prefer to donate in cash rather than any of the other options listed, please call our office on 01786 850 259 to discuss dropping off a donation.