The Lilias Graham Trust

Registered charity SC006647 from 01 January 1992

The Lilias Graham Trust is a Scottish charity which offers independent parenting capacity assessments, within a residential facility.

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We are currently recruiting for sessional staff - see the work-for-us page for details


Located in rural Stirlingshire, The LGT provides residential placements to parents and families in cases where there are concerns about parents meeting the needs of their child/children and the Local Authority require more evidence-based information about whether the child can remain safe within the family.


Our Values:

At the Lilias Graham Trust, we know that there is no prescription or rule-book for every situation. We have therefore developed a statement of values that will underpin and guide all of our work. Those values are:

  • Compassion: We will treat every parent, child, family and colleague with kindness, compassion and warmth.
  • Respect: We will treat every parent, child, family and colleague with respect for our shared humanity as well as for our individual uniqueness. Although we will make assessments, we will not jump to judgmental conclusions and will work in a transparent, honest and equalising way. Human beings are fallible, and we can all make mistakes. This shared aspect of being human is something we understand.
  • Hope: We will create the conditions within which hope can blossom, by believing in the potential of families and understanding how difficult things have been in the past.
  • Trust: We will seek to earn the trust of the families we work with. Through transparency, honesty, and solidarity we will aspire to be trustworthy in everything we do, even when outcomes may not be what everyone would hope for.
  • Care: All our work will be underpinned by taking time to build authentic, warm and caring relationships with parents and children. Through proper listening and empathy, we will seek to understand families, their situations, and future hopes.